Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Deadline week

Tonight: Finish notating bridge for gathering song, verses for psalm. Grade as much as humanly possible.

Tomorrow: Scan finished notation, send it to D. Grade as much as humanly possible. Retreat leader meeting in afternoon. Chinese class afterwards; no time to study, might skip.

Thursday: Grade comments, 9am Mass, grades due at lunch. Finish choir arrangements once and for all.

Friday: Rehearsal with D, festa italiana at night (gnocchi).

Saturday: 1pm to 4pm workshop; concert in the evening. Aparently they're doing one or more of my songs.

Sunday: 10am and 4pm Mass.

There better be time for laundry.

I'm sitting at Insomniax Coffee shop on 15th, listening to Spain pop and blogging. Insomniax is a charming cafe run by two Polish brothers, the older of whom is studying to be a priest. The younger spent a year in Spain, so he plays Spain pop and talks to me in castellano. I like it here, but they close at 6:30.

You know how I call pan-asian restaurants not asian restaurants, and my friend A calls them pan-awesome!" Well, Osteria la Spiga is gone now, A. Gone. The facade has been painted bright yellow, and the new restaurant is called Vi Bacchus Sake Bar and Bistro.

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carmen_spanish said...

A famous chef once commented, "Fusion cuisine is really CON-FUSION cuisine." Hmmm, I think I agree.

--- C