Monday, September 11, 2006

Not a great day.

I haven't called back the sleep study people yet. Grr!

I went down to SPU today to see what was going on with my transcript. Once I get my transcript, I get my raise, right? And payroll is this week.

Well, they're doing construction, and to be fair, the AC is out in their office. And they're all young college students. Anyway, they were dressed like sexbots in their shorts, their small tshirts that they have to keep adjusting, and their flip flops. Nothing is more infuriating than flip flops when your raise is hanging in the balance. I just thought, of course they screwed up my transcript, they don't even wear shoes to work.

Well, the problem was with the language school, where everyone dresses well. They left my paperwork and my check in a pile somewhere. They called me with the good news that they had found my paperwork and check... but then I realized that the check was going to hit now! now! now! which would totally wipe me out.

So I called the credit union and asked them to spot me $500. They of course said, no way, you haven't paid your Master Card and you have three mortgages! Stupid refi was supposed to take care of all of that in August, dammit! The lady at the credit union said she would call back later and tell me my loan was denied.

So then I called my mortgage friend, and asked her to put a rush on the refi people. Then, scraping bottom, I asked my baby sister to float me a couple hundred so I could at least cover the HOA dues check I had just written and buy gas, since my car was already running on fumes.

I taught a class, went to rehearsal, and then helped out at a service fair. Then I left work, crammed some Wendy's into my Wendy's hole, brushed my teeth and was off to my orthodontist appointment. (Yes, I know I should not resort to Wendy's. It was an emergency. It won't happen again, believe me).

And I was bummed, because I wanted to round out my Bitch day with something clever.

Oh well.

On the way to the orthodontist, I saw that I had three messages. One that my baby sister had deposited $200 into my checking account. Thank God for my sister. Another message was from the credit union; they managed to approve my loan for $500. Another was a message from the title people; they were ready to go to docs with my refi. Sweet!

So I went to my ortho appointment, only 15 minutes late, because when I stopped for gas (remember, I was running on fumes) the 'system' at the gas station was mysteriously shut down! So I just went onto my appointment.

The orthodontist said I would need about 8 months of braces and then oral surgery to fix my bite. Wrong answer, man. My upper teeth are narrower than my lower teeth, they need to spread laterally. So besides the $8000 I have to come up with for the orthodontistry, I have to pay the oral surgeon, too, with whatever my medical doesn't cover. We'll see. I have a couple months to make a smart decision.

Still no word on the kidney biopsy.

I got a last minute invite to H and A's place, to meet their new Baby M. I brought a bottle of vino verde, a hunk of cheese, and a stuffed tigger. They are such nice, gracious people. Dinner was lamb meatballs in a spicy sauce, steamed eggs with soy sauce, steamed chard, cooked apples from their yard (!!!) salmon and tofu with garlic and soy sauce. It was totally delicous.

Baby M was a little scared of me at first, I was the first person, apparently to experience her stranger anxiety. She got over it after dinner.

And now I'm back home, and it's time to grade.

Not a great day. September 11th, 2006.

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