Friday, September 08, 2006

My Favorite Asian Restaurants in Seattle

Bistro 663 (cantonese) There are lots of great Cantonese places in the International District; Bistro 663 to me just seems to have the freshest vibe. I get the tossed noodles with BBQ Pork and Pork/Shrimp wontons, no oyster sauce.

Jade Garden (dim sum) This seems to be the "it" dim sum place at the moment. It is top notch.

Takohachi (Japanese comfort food) The all-star bento is a perfect meal, it brings tears to my eyes. The kara-age (fried chicken) is kick-ass.

Musashi (sushi). Order the obento, the chirashi (not on the menu) or sashimi by the dollar amount. It's like crack.

Shilla (Korean BBQ). There are dozens, if not hundreds, of Korean-owned restuarants in this town, and most of them are teriyaki restaurants serving bulgogi to the blissfully unaware. There are Korean restaurants greater then Shilla awaiting my discovery north of the city line and in Federal Way, but Shilla is no slouch either.

Saigon Deli (Vietnamese deli) Excellent bahn mi, fried spring rolls to die for.

Than Brothers (Pho) It's been criticized for not having the richest, beefiest broth, but no one is criticizing the free cream puffs.

Saigon Bistro (Vietnamese grill) If you want fancy decor and a full bar, cross the parking lot to the Tamarind Tree, but if you can settle for fresh Vietnamese food and a great view, eat at Saigon Bistro.

Yummy House Bakery has amazing sponge cake.

Honeymoon in the Uwajimaya food court has the best bubble tea ("boba" for you Californians). Their tapioca balls are made fresh daily, never chewy. They also make the greatest Mexican chocolate milk shake I've ever had. That's right, I pay the $5.

Also: Malay Satay Hut, Seven Stars Pepper (though my 老师 says that Lao Sichuan 老四川 is the real deal). Ho Ho Seafood has the best hot and sour soup in town, and there's a special place in my heart for Hing Loon.

Update: How could I forget Chiang's Gourmet for northern Chinese food?

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