Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Carnival of Absurdity

You can look at toothpastery's photos if you want. Thanks, seattlest.

This guy won't shave his beard until Osama Bin Laden is captured or killed. Thanks tpm.

I signed my refi documents today, finally. I still have to buy poster board, schedule a sleep study, and see the oral surgeon.

Work right now is kind of a carnival of absuridty. Today we were given a calculation worksheet of the hours we work per week. Nobody's calculation adds up to the TWENTY THREE POINT FIVE hours that has been handed down from the mountain. So that means everyone has lunchroom duty.

I took my worksheet and drew a unicorn on it. Right in front of the art teacher, she was impressed. Then I drew in a gate that the unicorn was jumping, as well as a rainbow and a pot of gold. I posted it on my magnetic whiteboard, and people have come into my office to see my unicorn.

Tonight was Back To School night for parents. I gave my students' parents a half sheet with my contact info, a list of required and recommended books, the grade calculation.... In the second column, I had a list of the ways that parents who don't speak Spanish can pester their kids about Spanish class (Ask what short story they're reading! Ask how women are portrayed!)

I'm thinking about hosting another poetry festival in October, not sure what to call for.

It's 9:50. My sister just invited me over to her place for a sleepover. She's making cookies. I'm considering it. Cookies!

Carnival of absurdity.

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