Sunday, September 24, 2006

Ah, the local news.

When unarmed Canadian border agents get word that some armed American is making a run for the border, they leave their posts and close the border.

Well, wouldn't you? I would.

Local Seattle news
then picks up the story about what a nightmare it is to sit in traffic at the border for hours.

Hmm, what part of this news story is missing... Is American law enforcement doing anything? You think that they could put a call in to the Washington State Patrol to get a comment, woudln't you? I mean since the criminal is now trapped on the Washington side with hundreds of uncomfortable travelers. Not to mention the thousands of people that actually live and work in the communities on the American side of the border.

I'm assuming it's not part of the USA's plan to keep the fugitive in this country.

Is the traffic jam really the only aspect of the story worth covering?

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