Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Faculty Meetings

Today was our first day of back-to-school faculty meetings. Introductions, 3 presentations, Mass, and a light lunch. One of the presentations was very holocaust oriented; a colleague presented his summer research. It was all about how education in the Jewish ghetto was a form of resistence. Math and reading were forms of defiance. A little bleak, but I can't wait to use the line "education is resistence" in my classroom.

There was another session after the light lunch, but I had to skip out to go to the sleep study. There was a cheesy video made by the CPAP manufacturer about what a miracle it is, and then I went to my appointment with the pulmonary/sleep specialist, who was wearing a starfleet badge. In the elevator I ran into Prof. Bridgeman. I told him I took his Western Civ class 15 years ago; he laughed and said he remembered me; I told him I was sure he didn't, but told him I was glad to see him. That was back when the class was taught in Kane 130, and big lecture class was a form of theater.

After that I came home to try to order my SPU transcripts, ah no, that office closes at 3:30pm. Tried to gather some documents for the refi, and then went to look for a digital piano. Didn't find the Korg I was looking for, but there were Yamahas that might do the trick. After that I went to Office Depot, and picked up some magnetic dry-erase pen holders that stick to the steel white boards. Then I went to meet D at Blue C.

We hung out in the UVillage until 10. I don't care for the shi-shi stores, but there are European-style acoutrements at the UVillage that Americans associate with Europe but don't really understand. For example, free tables and chairs in the courtyard, where you can sit and yap without dealing with traffic speeding past you. Americans really don't know how to sit in a plaza and do nothing.

More meetings tomorrow. Hmph.

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