Saturday, July 15, 2006

My New Blog

So I've decided to create a new blog, where I can write regularly in 中文。 It's basically a target language journal. I'll try to write there at least weekly. Don't feel bad if you don't read 中文; I'm definitely writing at an Novice/Beginner level. That means present tense descriptions, lists, likes and dislikes. I'll let you know when I advance on the ACTFL chart: past narration, comparison/contrast, conditional/hypothetical situations. It won't be for a while.

This blog will keep its English Plus policy. You can be pretty sure that if I'm posting in a language other than English or Spanish, that means I'm gossiping or complaining about people at work.

Today I went to the orthodontist for a consult. They want to put me back in braces, and they want me to pay $7100 for it. Whimper.

Tomorrow morning, the appraiser is coming to look at the house for the refi. There will be construction/repair later this summer, and then after that I'll try to get new floors .

I've been asked to do music tomorrow at a memorial service.

We watched "To Live" in Chinese class; it was awesome. In this culture, we usually associate orwellian political paranoia with the future, but it's wierd to think that its China's past and North Korea's present.

I'm going to go to a samba drumming session on Tuesday. We'll see how that goes.

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