Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Left and the Right.

So I got a tickley ultrasound today, and found that I have two kidneys, the left and the right. Congratulate me! No stones. The ultrasound technician actually said I had "two nice big kidneys," 14 and 15 cm.

So did crazy, protein spilling kidneys up my blood pressure? Or did my blood pressure make my kidneys start spilling protein? Maybe a biopsy will tell.

Anyway, my blood pressure has responded to the drugs, and now it's normal for the first time in a while. There was a day where my pulse was 100 bpm after a nap as my heart adjusted to it's new lighter work load.

The kidney in the picture isn't mine, by the way. Google images brought it to me.


Orange said...

Dude, I was 102/75 today. 'Course, that's with the recent addition of a third med, so I suppose I shouldn't boast.

Lemme know if you schedule a biopsy—I can give you all my reminiscences.

bitchphd said...

Two kidneys! Congrats! You must be very proud.

Seriously, I hope everything is okay.

ding said...

yikes, jp. what are you doing so your BP is shooting so high?

(of course, my monthly visitor has settled in for a nice permanent stay so i shouldn't talk...)