Thursday, June 15, 2006

Wo shi bu dong shi de xiaohaizi!

Today: slept late, took A to the airport, nap, went to a rehearsal.

So a couple days ago I blogged about a guy who asked a pretentious "comment/question," that ended with the words, "for someone who has dabbled in charcuterie."

Well guess what, he FOUND MY BLOG with a **random Google search** and then LEFT A COMMENT! So funny!

He explained his pretentious comment (Mother of God, people, don't rely on the New Yorker for instructions on curing pork!) and then called me a bu dong shi de xiaohaizi. Hee hee!

I also blog about President Bush, Tim Eyman, Michelle Malkin... I hope some of them show up in my comments section and insult me in Chinese!

Seriously, I didn't know the word "charcuterie" existed in English. I use it all the time in French, of course, but if pressed to translate, I might have called it "deli meat-ness" or "cured protein-ate. " But no, alls you gotsta do to translate "charcuterie" is to gringo it up: tchar-KOO-der-ee, rhyme it with "big bootery" or "food snootery." Learn something new every day.

Anyway, dabble in painting, yes. Dabble in witchcraft, sure. But to "dabble" in charcuterie? That's just funny! Yah, I've got a ham curing downstairs, but it's nothing serious. I just dabble in it.

Do I regret that he caught me calling him pretentious? Of couse, I wouldn't have written it had I known he was reading. Is this a scatterbrained vanity website? Absolutely! And there are dozens of people all over the world hanging on every word. Ok, a dozen people. Maybe that's an overstatement.

Do I still find his comment pretentious? Yes, yes I do. But if he saves just ONE person from curing pork according to some informal, sketchy instructions in the New Yorker, then this man's campaign for well informed charcuterie will not have been in vain. And I will be bu dong shi de xiaohaizi.

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bitchphd said...

You vain scatterbrained thing!

I'm kind of increasingly coming to the conclusion that scatterbrained vanity blogs are the only blogs worth reading.

Which means, of course, that my earnest and popular blog sucks.