Saturday, June 17, 2006

No More Anonymous Comments

Hey readers! .... all three of you!

I am disabling anonymous comments because of some cheap shots taken by an anonymous commenter on a post that no one has read in years.

Basically, has a beef against Dr. Mary Lou Ridinger of Jades SA of Antigua, Guatemala. Is the beef legitimate? Who knows. Maybe! But the commenter posted anonymously, and rather than accusing her of anything, the anony-mouse insinuated that Dr. Ridinger was hiding information, and that her product was junk. What a coward. This is the internet, man. If you've got something to say, then say it. "Dr. R is a crook because of X, Y, and Z." It's a question of cojones. Especially if you're gonna be anonymous; if your position is so weak that all you can muster is an anynomous insinuation, then maybe you should ask your mommy to give you a pillow, so you can lie down and cry into your pillow.

So for the moment you all (all three of you) will have to get blogger IDs if you want to leave a comment. What if ass-nonymous just gets a bogus ID? Well, I'll burn that bridge when I come to it.


Today there was a crazy freak rainstorm, with hard, crazy rain and wind. More wind, and ten minutes later it was sunshine and blue skyes. More wind, and the ground was dry.

I finally went to the secret Korean restaurant for mool naeng myun. It was a converted highway Denny's just off the freeway. So it wasn't much of a secret. But when I went in to the (very nice) dining room, there were only two other customers, both Korean. It's a family establishment, and the Mom brought me a nice salad before my mool naeng myun hit the table, with six panchan. It was good! With shaved ice! But they forgot to put in the meat.

Afterwards, I discovered Pal-do Korean Supermarket and bought two packs of ice cream novelties. One is a sweet coffee-and-creme push up, and I don't know why I have to go to a Korean supermarket to get such a nice dessert. The other ice cream novelty is like a dove bar. Yum!

Later, I met S and company for happy hour drinks and tapas at Peso's. I had a mojito. We sat there and yapped in Spanish for hours, as beautiful people came and went. L's friend P theorized that the waitresses were hired for their looks, since they didn't have a lot of chops as waitresses. In fact, he went as far as to suggest that they were exotic dancers. P is a bartender himself, at a pretty prestigious martini bar for old people and stressed out financial advisors who come to him for their martini lunch of shame.

Came home, ate some potato salad from Pal-do, practiced my guitar, .... reset my blog to disallow anonymous comments. And now it's time for bed.

Another anonymous commenter called this blog a scatterbrained vanity website, which is not so far off the mark. It's my journal, and I am the thematic thread. So what? I don't write for a wide audience, although a wide audience is certainly welcome to read. But please do remember, kiddies, you don't have to read.

You love to. Admit it!

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ding said...

amen. i'm so over the belligerent anonymous (male) poster who talks out his ass. (yes, i could be talking out my ass, but it's my blog so i'm allowed, you know?) so now i'm just deleting what pisses me off. that PV over on churchgal made me lose my mind.

pfft. deleted.