Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Phronesisaical: World Cup nicknames

Phronesisaical: World Cup nicknames

So here's a list of World Cup team nicknames compiled by the NYT. A couple of notes:

Brazil's team is nicknamed the 'Soccer Boys.' Don't people know that?

Team USA has no mascot? No nickname? What happened to all our armies of merchandizing and marketing people? Too busy watching tennis?

In Spanish, Portuguese, and French use their version of the word "selection" to mean "team" as in national team. Yes, it's been like that from the beginning of time, but don't mock me, most of English speaking America isn't aware of this. Somebody did, and they tried to use the word "select" for private soccer clubs, but now American high school kids say "my select team club...."

...that they play for because the the kids and their parents think that the kid is going to earn a college scholarship. HEY KID, GO HOME AND DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

Anyway, people are telling me that Netherlands is going to eliminate Portugal. Well, probably, now that you mention it. Also, people assume that Brazil is going to eliminate Argentina... well, there are still plenty of matches to play.

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