Sunday, June 25, 2006

Lazy Sunday Morning

I slept well last night; went to bed after Weekend Update and then woke up before 9am. I had been dreaming of Battlestar Gallactica (colonists dressed as Storm Troopers were trying to sabotage their ship, which the Cylons had seized) and Ann Arbor (they were building a massive freeway overpass that blocked the sky; it doubled as a massive billboard).

I woke up a little groggy and took my bp; I must have put on the cuff wrong. I made peanut butter toast and took my little bp pills, one pink and one peach. Watched the end of the England/Ecuador match. England won on a penalty kick by David Beckham.

I'm still a little surprised that Beckham is an actual footballer, in actual soccer matches. Here he's known predominantly as a leading metrosexual and the husband of a Spice Girl.

152/95; 68bpm (10 am) I must have put on the cuff wrong.

So now I'm watching Univision, waiting for the Portugal/Nederlands match to start. On their program Rep�blica Deportiva they have reporters covering the parties in Germany outside the stadium. The equatorianos are all happy to be there (not pouting and blaming like USA fans), even though their team didn't advance. Of course there are tons of lantinos dressed as equatorianos, too, reflecting la unidad latina. At least two comments were made about Beckham's hair.

Back in Miami, they've got a bunch of happy equatorianos in the studio, and the two tall, beautiful models dressed in matching stretchy asymmetrical boobslings and some short shorts that remind me of the red stickystick you find in Handisnacks. Both of these women are confident presenters, do simultaneous Spanish/Portuguese interpretation, and like all the women on this channel, they're beautiful and they are more competent talking about soccer than, say, me. But today I think they feel bad for having to be the nakedest ones in the room. They look annoyed.

It's supposed to be record breaking heat today in Seattle. There will be Gay Pride downtown, and the underground Gay Pride up on Broadway (long story, I don't want to get into it). I'm not sure what I'll do for food today.

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