Monday, May 01, 2006

I'm Sad! Take My Poll.

Ok, kids, well the stupid Mandarin class I've been yapping about incessantly for the past few weeks CLOSED without me. I had to wait to enroll, but then the FORM PUSHERS at Schmitz Hall took forever to process my enrollment, and then they took FOREVER to come back with my proficiency test results. UGH! I am POUTING!

So what language should I take this summer, instead of Mandarin? Here's a poll:

There's also Arabic (but no elementary level), Chinese (CLOSED), French (I already speak that), German (pout), Hebrew (pout), Hindi (pout), Italian (speak it), Russian (pout), Spanish (NEXT!) Swahili (CLOSED), Uighur (I AM SO MAD THAT CHINESE IS CLOSED). I would take any of the pout languages above if I thought there was gonna any chance that I would speak it in the wild.

Of course, I want to take Korean, but if I take Japanese, I'll know who to read some Kanji, for when Mandarin comes around again.... Portuguese, it's kind of a cop out for me to do Portuguese, but it would give me the 'cylcle' (so to speak) of official languages in the Western Hemisphere.

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