Sunday, April 30, 2006

What do Immigrant Haters want?

I was planning a post on addressing all the fearful/fascist arguements that the immigrant-haters have against undocumented immigrants. It was gonna go something like this:

They say that they drain the economy (schools, insurance, welfare) but they actually power our economy, picking our produce, flipping our burgers, building our houses; if that workforce were to disappear, our recovering economy would falter, like drunk girl walking pants around her ankles.

They say the want to monitor who's going in and out of the border, but just watch them have a tantrum over a guest worker program.

They say that giving amnesty isn't fair to the people who've applied to get in legally, ***AS IF THEY GIVE A SHIT*** about the people who've applied to get in legally.

Anyway, as I was saying I was planning to write a post like that. And I was going to google up some facts and statistics, instead of being colorful and sassy. Well, when I did google up some facts and statistics, I got directed back to Alisa Valdes-Rodr�guez's blog La Queen Sucia again, and, guess what, her post was so entertaining that I thought, forget it. Just post a link.

Hee hee, she really hates Lou Dobbs. Hates him.

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myrna said...

Yeah, I also HATE lou dobbs!