Saturday, May 27, 2006

Finally switching to gmail

So some Brazilian hackers, apparently, have attacked the server at work. Email is down for the weekend (at least!) so I'm taking the inevitable step and switching my primary email account from the work email that everyone knows and loves, to the one that is now listed in the "email" link under my picture on the upper-right corner of my page. Or click the title of this post.

That's right, everyone, I'm finally designating gmail as my primary email, and relegating my work email to work-only status. Yes, I know, I'm years behind. But I loved living a simple, one-address life. And my entire address book was over there.....

So now, I have to rebuild my address book. I know there are all kinds of fancy ways to do it, but I don't care. Could those of you who email me regularly (you know who you are) please send me a shout out email so I can grab your address? Thanks.

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