Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Mmm, Ice Cream!

I read this post over at Crispy Waffle, and then suddenly remembered that there was some rocky road in my freezer. No, its not as good as home-made vanilla bean philadelphia-style with an extra pinch of salt, but it's ice cream.

I was thinking about vanilla ice cream last week, when my mama was here. For breakfast she likes to toss some banana slices in a little brown sugar and then fry em until soft. I thought to myself, wow I should put fried bananas on some ice cream.

So I sliced up the last banana and half-heartedly tossed the slices in a little bit of brown sugar. I think my mama uses too much brown sugar. Anyway, I fried them in some butter and poured them, still hot, over some vanilla ice cream. No, I'm not the first person to do this.

It was too sweet. The banana was overripe and way sweet; I could have used even less sugar. It's important to have a little sugar in order to develop a little crust and a carmel sauce, but not too much. When I do it again, (and I will do it again), I will add a little cinnamon, and I'll use a sweet cream ice cream that's not to sweet.


sheryl said...

Fried bananas are definitely at the top of my desserts list, along with their other application, turon (or as my kids call it, 'banana egg rolls'). Maybe try frying saba, as they are not as sweet as a regular banana.
And I think you are on the money about using sweet cream ice cream--not as sweet as vanilla so perfect for this!

john patrick said...

I make banana lumpia, with just plain sliced regular bananas rolled in a lumpia wrapper. People are always shocked that I don't add any kind of sugar or anything. Regular bananas are sweet enough.

I do a batch of banana first and then a batch of pork and shrimp, so that my vegetarian friends can eat lumpia that hasn't been cross-contaminated.