Sunday, April 23, 2006

All-Purpose Pizza: Thumbs down

I ordered a pizza today, and it never came!
I ordered it a little before 6pm tonight and was told it would be 45 minutes.  I told the man I was speaking with that the driver should call my number when he got to  my street, because my address is hard to find, since my front door faces the alley.
Around ten after 7pm I called to ask if my pizza was coming, and was told by the  woman, as well as the man that she handed me off to, that the driver came out with my pizza, called a number, looked around for my address and gave up.   I could hear them figuring it all out very slowly.
Obviously the delivery driver called the wrong number.  Both people I talked to on the phone informed me that the person the  driver called had not ordered a pizza.  That is because it was the wrong number!  The person at the wrong number didn't order the pizza, I did!   
Well, what is your number? they asked.  I told it to him, and told him that it was the same number I was calling from, the same number that I had called from in the first place, the same number that was showing up on his computer screen.  What am I supposed to do?  Somebody got my phone number wrong, and it wasn't me. 
The man I was speaking with told me that the pizza would have to be sent out again, but I told him to forget it.  If I'm gonna pay $25 for pizza and tip, I don't want something that's been steaming itself soggy for the past 30 minutes in its box. 
I like  their pizza, but the service tonight was lame.   There's not much danger I'll be going back.  They had several chances to offer me an apology, but something tells me they weren't thinking about how politely they were coming across.     
Forget it, I said, I'm going to McDonalds.  Well, I didn't go to McDonalds, but it was 8pm before I had any dinner. 
All Purpose Pizza:  THUMBS DOWN.

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sp said...

That sucks, JP. If there's one thing I learned from all my years slinging steaks and beers in crappy restaurants and serving lobsters and wine in nice restaurants it's this: the restaurant can ALWAYS afford to fix their mistake. The least they could have done was given you a coupon for a free pizza on a future visit. Free food (which you might have to go get since you can't trust their driver) always equals a THUMBS UP!