Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I'll tell you what happened...

So, Eugene Nelson was on a business trip through Asia that took him to Hong Kong. When he went to continue on to Taiwan, he somehow got onto a flight heading to Tiyuan, a couple hundred miles from the Mongolian border.

His company, Intel, made the arrangements through American Express.

Want me to tell you what happened? At some point, some gringo, maybe even Nelson himself, said that after Hong Kong, Nelson needed to go to Taiwan. Taiwan! Taiwan! And, of course, the Chinese person misunderstood, and sent the man to Tiuyan. Obviously, somebody didn't check something.

Here's a hint, dude. People that don't speak English have to guess what you want, and if you tell them Taiwan, they will give you the closest thing, which in this case, is Tiuyan. Why? Because Taiwan, my friend, is not an airport destination. It is an island nation. Oh, by the way, Taiwan is not recognized by the People's Republic of China.

So if you want to go to Taiwan, you better tell people that you're going to TAIPEI, specifically the Taipei Chiang Kai Sheck International Airport.

Seriously, man, flight destinations are usually airports, and airports are usually named after cities. Not nations.

Naming the city will also help clarify which Georgia you're trying to get to, lest you're trying to get to Tblisi and you end up in Atlanta.

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myrna said...

Yeah, really. Next time I travel internationale I'll stop at Chiwan.