Monday, April 10, 2006

¡El pueblo! ¡Unido! ¡Jamás será vencido!

I didn't get a chance to protest in the big Immigrants' Rights march today. I had my guitar lesson today.

I noticed the Mexican ladies that usually give me my Sausage McMuffin and small Orange Juice weren't there this morning; I'll ask them tomorrow if they were part of it.

I'm considering ording a pizza, even though I know it will hurt my stomach. I just won't eat the crust.

Ok, it's all set. I ordered from All-Purpose Pizza, the Kitchen Sink. Check out the website, it's groovy.


bitchphd said...

La gente, unida, jamas sera divida, my friend.

Christine said...

i tutor a guy from mexico who's lived here for 20 years... not surprisingly, he was at the rally in Salt Lake. however, SURPRISINGLY, we had 20,000 - 30,000 clogging up downtown Salt Lake streets. i'm impressed with us for being so liberally outspoken for once. it was quite exciting...!