Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Welcome Limerick Fans!

Well, hello there! The graph above shows the massive spike in my readership since the 'you don't have to read/San Patricio Limerick Festival' started last Friday. I had been hovering just under 40 hits per day.... That is, until I got a link and a nod from my various internet pals, most notibly Prof. B over at BitchPhd. Welcome, bitches!

I haven't had a ton of time to post this week, been slammed at work with grades, etc., and I'm going to a conference in Baltimore. The flight tomorrow leaves at 5:30 am. Ay, Dios mio...

So I hope you all are enjoying the eFestival! I must confess, I did ask my friend B to bait all you liberals with a conservative point of view. Thanks again, B..... and is that all you got?

Anyway, please keep rhyming, and feel free to look around, comment, whatever, you don't have to. But while you're here, I think this post is my signature piece; it's not meant to hate white people, but rather to boost restaurant skills of the Asian Impaired. It was written, I must confess in a moment of frustration, so it might come across as strident, and some of my Asian friends might disagree. But then, that's what the comment line is for.

1 comment:

bitchphd said...

You strident white-people hater, you,. Don't even try to deny it.