Sunday, March 05, 2006

Oscar Night 2006

Turkey meatloaf with bacon and a tomato glaze, roast asparagus, and smashed red potatoes. Thanks J, it was delicous! I brought munchies: chestnuts, peanuts, and edamame. A brought wine and chocolate mochi ice cream balls.

It is absolutely baffling to me that Brokeback Mountain didn't win Best Picture (A and I just call it The Movie), as it more than any other movie nominated was the one that stuck with you, the one that haunted you, the one where you cared about the doomed characters, the one that you can quote. It's the one that people continued to crack jokes about, to parody, and to obsessively analyze days... weeks after seeing.
So Best Picture went to Crash, which I heard was good, but I chose not to see, only because it sounded like a white liberal fantasy about white liberal fantasies, and I don't need to be angry at white liberals right now. I don't want to be told how pervasive and insidious racism is in this country right now, I don't want to pay money to see racism when I can't yell back at it.

I thought the broadcast went well, it wasn't vulgar or preachy, Jon Stewart was classy and smart. If you want to see vulgar, check out the media hounding the movie starts at the doors to the Oscar parties. That's the Hollywood I hate. I don't care about the fashion hits and misses, and I don't care to hear the answer of "Phillip Seymour Hoffman, what was your favorite moment?" any more than Phillip Seymour Hoffman Hoffman cares to give it.

Big ups to Ang Lee, for being Taiwanese and at the top of his game.


Monica said...

Props to all things liberal well with the exception of important things like Abortions.

john patrick said...

I hope someday we can educate enough so that unplanned pregnancies and by extension abortions become rare, and that if women do have to get abortions, that they are always safe.

If we want to prevent unwanted pregnancies, my money is on education, and therefore on the liberals.

Conservatives just want to ban abortions, but that doesn't solve the problem of unwanted pregnancies.

Micaela said...

Indeed about Brokeback. I watched Crash and then listened to the commentary and was disappointed that his vision was not to make a movie about race/ism from the beginning. Whatever - his personal journey. good job. took some folks with him. But I was like, "do I have to watch this? because I studied it, and I live it, and I read it in the news..."
Brokeback on the other hand seems to have started smart, stayed smart, and grown. T was disappointed because he read about some jerk academy members' intentional non-voting for Brokeback - so that's the answer...intolerant, yet they voted for Crash. I think they liked seeing that woman get molested.

but seriously - wtf is with Terrance Howard getting a nomination for being a reformed pimp and not for being a conflicted black movie exec. in Crash??? Bleh

$T said...

to elaborate upon (and correct) what i supposedly said...i read about academy members not only voting against it, but flat-out refusing to watch brokeback. crash isn't bad, but it's far from "best picture" material.

oh well, chicago won too. and eternal sunshine wasn't even nominated. just goes to show how little "best picture" actually means.