Sunday, March 05, 2006

Lifetime Achievement in Breakfast.

I was enjoying my breakfast of fried egg, bacon, and rice when I found Prof. B's account of PK's breakfast solution. Peanut butter cups, carrots, sour cream, and water is a great breakfast for a little kid. Actually, it might have been just a pre-breakfast, because Prof. B just needed a moment to enjoy her coffee. She deserves it.

When I was little, my mama used to make a tomato scramble. I hated it back then, but now I struggle to make it the way mama used to. I had forgotten about it until I was served a tomato scramble in Mexico.

It made me wonder, how did my mama manage to drag herself out of bed and make breakfast for us EVERY DAY? Even in the summer, when our parents would leave for work early but we would stay home and sleep in, we'd go downstairs and find a pot of oatmeal or a tuna omelet waiting for us.

As a grown man, I hardly have time in the morning to tie my shoes; I can hardly remember how to pronounce the word "breakfast." So my mother's daily committment, which I used to think was unnecessary and a little bit old-fashioned, now seems to me absolutely astonishing.

So I'd like to award to my mama a Yummy Award, for Lifetime Achievement in Breakfast. Thanks mama!

I should confess I hardly ever ate the oatmeal, and was so bored of tuna omelets by the time I was a teenager, I stopped eating those too. I didn't know how lucky I was.


ding said...

i just calculated how many meals my mama probably cooked for our family just until i was 19.

19,950 meals. (3 meals*350 days over 19 years). it's unscientific but probably less than the actual meals she cooked (since she never really stopped cooking all the way until I moved out, when I went to grad school.)

Micaela said...

Mama! I love tomatoes in scramble! And my mama!