Monday, March 27, 2006

Kimchi chigae

So, I trecked north to try to find some mool naeng myun, but alas, the usual restaurants were either closed on Mondays, open on Monday, but closed for some reason.... so I went to Chowon Korean Bbq up in Edmonds. Happily, naeng myun was listed in the menu. Sadly, the waitress said it wasn't available, and I wished it was summer.

So instead I got kimchi chigae, a sizzling stew of kimchi and pork. Ten dishes of banchan and a bowl of rice hit the table; seconds later the kimchi chigae arrived, sputtering angrily in it's iron bowl.

I snacked on banchan while my kimchi chigae cooled down, and without a word the waitress replaced my pickled pears and salted beansprouts. I don't think she was confident speaking English, and I might have unknowingly indicated that I had wanted those dishes replaced.

I chopsticked everything out of my stew and ate it over rice. When all that was left was liquid, I spooned some rice into the bowl and ate the rest of it that way. Meanwhile, my waitress selected two more empty banchan dishes and replaced them.

I ate until it hurt. My jaw was sore and I had a sideache. When I got in the car I was afraid to breathe deeply, for fear of puking. I drove back to my neighborhood twisted with discomfort and with my eyeballs rolling with gravity. As I drove past the Mercer street exit, my mind entered a second plane of consiousness and I'm pretty sure I saw Jesus.

Today: taxes, laundry, guitar lesson, video project packet. 1st order of business: nappy nap.

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