Wednesday, March 01, 2006

GoFightWin Italy!

So my Italian prof sent some jpegs of graffiti in Rome of these political billboards. Most of them I didn't understand, either because I don't understand Italian politics, or because I have a foreign sense of humor.

But I liked this one. It shows Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi... by the way, he is also a huge media mogul... imagine if Ted Turner bought NBC, CBS, Disney, and all the news media, and then became President of the United States, and then you'd have something like Silvio Berlusconi. Here, Berlusconi is the is the very pole on which flies the Italian tricolors. Is there a tear in your eye?

In the top right hand corner is Berlusconi's political party "Forza Italia," which cracked us up in 1993 when it debuted. "Forza" is a rally word, so "Forza Italia's" English equivalent might be "GoFightWin Italy!" And that's the name of his political party.

This political campaign is called "Operation Truth," which is it's own kind of Orwellian creepy.

Berlusconi's figure is as imposing as a volcano in the center of the billboard, dominating the caption "Cops and Troppers Now Stationed In Every City."

The graffiti: "And yet, they still haven't found you."

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