Saturday, February 25, 2006

Shani & Chadi, Season Finale

So Shani stayed to watch Chadi's race, and the announcers commented twice on how he was there, cheering for Chadi. You can watch the video here.

It's nice that Shani could stay and cheer on his teammate. See? They like each other!

Or... wasn't Shani sitting with the Orange Crush? Maybe Shani was cheering for Verheijen! Maybe they hate each other after all!

The NBC interviewers themselves seem to have grown tired of asking about it--either that, or the dudes told them ahead of time not to stop asking questions about the rivalry. I, personally, have gotten a lot of milage out of this Shani & Chadi saga; I even wrote a grammar quiz themed on the 1.500m event.

Shani's people have actually contacted me and asked me not to reuse the Shani vs. Chadi subjunctive quiz in future years; he's agreed to be part of the grammar instruction, as long as I stop bringing up his friend/nemisis. No promises.

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