Thursday, February 23, 2006

It's a bird! It's a flane!

Live! From the snack aisle! It's Boy Bawang!

Obviously an import from the Philippine Islands, in English we'd probably call him Garlic Man, and he'd probably be a villain. But make no mistake, Boy Bawang is a superhero.

I'm not the first one to blog about Boy Bawang (check out Punzi or this conversation, "Boy Bawang, it keeps me alive!") there seems to be a consensus that this son of Commander Bawang is delicious.

I didn't buy it, I just took a picture because it cracked me up. Next time, I'll buy it.


I didn't buy it today because I was full of bbq pork wonton noodle soup. The chef screwed up and put pork meatballs in it. I went with A; she feels ackward eating noodle soup with chopsticks and chinese soup spoon, but she looks like she knows what she's doing.

I encourage my friends to eat their pho, chinese noodle soups, and udon with chopsticks and soup spoon, even if they're not yet expert chopstickers. There's always one dude eating pho with a giant knot of noodles on the end of a fork, and he's choking and pawing at the knot with his fingers to pull it away from the ones slipping down his throat. It's not pretty to watch.

Instead, put your face over your bowl, grab a few noodles with your chopsticks, and bring them to your mouth. A soup spoon in your other hand will give you more control. Then when you have enough noodles in your mouth, bite it off and let the knot fall gently back into your spoon, or back into the broth.

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