Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Best. Ice Dancing. Ever.

I am posting this video merely to demonstrate what a harrowing and dangerous sport that Olympic Ice Dancing has become.

I am not posting it out of schadenfreude, for goodness sakes. They did not train and compete under their countries' flags so that their spectacular missteps can be constantly played and replayed to the delight of high-fiving haters.

On second thought, yes, yes I am posting it out of schadenfreude. Those falls were spectacular. I do feel bad for the lady who injured her hip. Still, if I were a hi-fiving kind of guy (I'm not), I would call people around the computer screen, play the video, and hi-hive to my tiny, petrified little heart's content.

I must admit, though, that the element of danger made this the best. ice dancing. ever. Hands down, so to speak.

Hee hee. Check out what la Mica has to say about it.

CNN doesn't like skating costumes nowadays, and neither does El Mundo, which offer an extensive photo gallery. Yoiks.

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ding said...

me and roomie laughed our asses off. the look on the italian woman's face was priceless! she was so angry! i don't think i've seen that kind of rage in a woman who wasn't my mother.