Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Superbowl is exciting as well

Our friends at i blame the patriarchy has issued a rallying cry against frisee; i.e., nobody likes it.

This is absolutely brilliant; timely and undeniable.

I myself have some additional deeply held beliefs about salad.

1) Salad forks are vastly inferior to chopsticks when it comes to salad eating technology.

2) There is a time and a place for iceburg lettuce (sandwiches and burgers, like BLTs; gringo-faboulous hard-shell tacos, etc). However, iceburg has no place in the salad bowl... unless you are consiously trying to remind me of the 70s or (cough) Ann Arbor.

3) It's dressing, it's not soup. Lighten up, seriously.

4) It's dressing, not topping. Toss!

5) Salad after the main course, a la italiana, is a gift you give your colon.

6) The proper wine to go with salad? Water. Pour it.

7) The secret ingredient to dinner salad? Salt and pepper. Don't be shy.


Also, the Seahawks are in the Superbowl. Fun! Too bad they have to go to Detroit to play the game. When the game ended, I heard eleven gunshots in my neighborhood, and the dogs were all barking in panic. It's possible they might have been illegal fireworks, rather than gunshots.

In any case, I'll be teaching sophomores how to serve poor and sick people during the big game. The students won't be happy about missing this superbowl, but it's required for them, so I'll be on the job, whether they skip or not. Every tv set in the city, including at service placements, will be tuned to the game, anyway, so I doubt any of the kids will miss the game completely.


After almost two years here, I finally went to the Hollywood Video that's only a block from my house. I brought home Kinsey an Junebug. I just finished Kinsey, and although I've read a biography of the man, I was nevertheless surprised at a Peter Sarsgaard going the full monty, and a kiss with Liam Neisan that seemed to genuinely take him by surprise. That aside, I think the movie was uneven; not good as an introduction to Kinsey's story, but a nice way to round it off. Laura Linney was great.

I'll watch Junebug tomorrow. I'm gonna try to watch Best Picture nominees this year.

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