Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Let's lead the whole world in Liberty...

... and not step all over Mrs. Sheehan's right to free speech.

Meanwhile, is beastiality running rampant in Washington? Is this law going to prevent any beastiality? Was the state of Washington a hotbed of beastiality that attracted beastialites from other states? Are animal humpers now going to think twice, now that there is legislation?

I would like our lawmakers to earn their salaries, however low they are, and not spend a lot of time with these soft non-issue issues.

But a little context will tell you that these are the people who opposed anti-discrimination, civil rights protection for homosexuals. It took them 30 years, but last week they finally passed it. So now that for-profit initiative-organizing horse's ass has reared his enormous block head again to overturn gay rights. Because he's a bigot? Probably, but that's irrelevant.

Tim Eyman makes his living by filing horrifying initiatives which appeal to salt of the earth, red-state washingtonians, who in turn fill his pockets in an effort to stick it to Seattlites. His initiatives don't have to win to generate his income; they just have to get press. Win or lose, he exploits conservative rural citizens, who see him as their champion. Understand? He is despicable.

That's why I hope he gets cholera and rots in a pool of his own urine.

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