Saturday, November 12, 2005

Veterans' Day

So much to say.

La situazione nella scuola non e' ancora finita. In teoria ci dara' il direttore la sua decizione lunedi'. Secondo me suspendera' il direttore a due dei tre ragazzi. Non so' cosa faranno le due ragazze ma ho ascoltato parlare che una va via. Nessuna ha dato testimonio nel processo dei tre. Secondo me avevano paura. In piu' la intimidazione e' abbastanza.

Work couldn't get over fast enough. It's a struggle for me to keep up. After work, I tried to prepare for Italian class, but then A reminded me that we had wine tasting. We had all recieved little slips of paper with a different region in Italy, a region which we were supposed to keep secret. We bought our bottles and kept the lables hidden using paper bags, aluminium foil, G used a sock.

So we poured out some wine from the first bottle, and played a twenty questions game trying to guess the region the wine came from. Pedagogically, it drew on cultural and geographical information, as well as question formation and description. We spoke Italian 80% of the time; around the eighth bottle my Italian became a little soggy.

Even though we had come straight from dinner, I tried to keep eating to keep something in my stomach. I stopped being able to taste the subtlies after about the 5th bottle. I was only getting a splash in my glass, but even that was a lot of vino for me. The next day I had a headache most of the afternoon.

So yesterday, I started cleaning up around here; I intend to have a presentable house by the time I go to bed tonight. I arranged the furniture, and I realized I'd have to arrange it again in a couple of weeks when the artificial tree comes out of the box.

Last night for dinner I met A and J at Via Tribunale. I've decided to avoid pizza dough, as it just hurts my stomach, so I went in with a plan to order a calzone and eat only the inside. I ordered the calzone vesuvio, speciallita' di Dino, and when it came, I was a little disappointed. It was absolutely delicious, but my plan to avoid pizza dough was completely thwarted, because apparently Dino's special creation is not your standard folded-over calzone, but rather a pie with a bottom and top crust. So rather than eating the insides out of a single, folded over crust, I was faced with double the crust. Sheesh! I ate the top crust and scraped out the toppings; the bottom crust went back to the dish room. Peccato.

Anyway, besides the long wait, it was delicious. Our Italian prof, L, says she prefers Tutta Bella. It was good when I went, but there were a couple of reasons I didn't think it was that authentic. First was that my pizza was sliced into wedges. Second, was that I thought there were too many toppings. Who knows. But now I'm hungry for more Italian food.

But today is all about cleaning the house.

Before I forget completely: I dreamt that one of my students told me he had been married at the age of 13 to an older woman. Then I visited my parents, who were working as an accounting team in some office out in the sticks. Everybody they worked with kept telling me they were under a lot of pressure to find $200k which had been lost in the budget somewhere. Accounting drama. Besides that, I saw a pyramid of seven dogs. Also, there were bad guys trying to track my parents; my friend and I offered a diversion with his little convertible; the bad guys were trying to stick to us like glue, we were trying to shake them. We ended up picking up an ally, and the three of us were ready to hit the gas, when the bad guys sent their specialist. We were worried about the specialist, but our new ally seduced him, sitting between us in a convertible. That's when I woke up.

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