Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Than Bros. Pho

Well, I've eaten a lot of pho in my life, but probably not as much as the Pho King, who says (here) that Than Bros. is "hands down the best pho I've had."

I guess I'm spoiled, because Than Bros. is the only pho I kno, bro. Well, not exactly true, but it is my favorite pho place, and it's all due to the cream puffs.

There is plenty of pho in my neighborhood, PLENTY, but none of them serve the cream puffs. So I drive to Than Bros. It may be a little surprising to see only white people at the Broadway Than Brothers, and only Koreans on Hwy 99 in Edmonds, but good pho is not a secret, nor should it be.

Beware: prices are said to be higher at the Ballard restaurant (although I cannot confirm it personally).

My cowsin C has several of the Than Bros. locations programmed into her cell phone, so she can call ahead, pick up her prize, and then rush it home and eat it in the pho bowls she bought especially for that purpose.


db said...

what do special pho bowls look like?

Nowadays, Koreans love pho and some are known to bring gochujang to pho restaurants.

john patrick said...

Hee hee. This. is my idea of a pho bowl. Just your standard plastic bowl with china design around the sides and maybe inside the rim. I've never had good pho in any other kind of bowl.

Maybe I'll go out for pho right now. I'm happy with hoisin and sriracha, but maybe I'll bring my own kimchee. Hee hee!