Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Oh, ok.

So ask and you shall recieve. Here is what victory looks like.

We can all rest easy. W has got it under control. He definately has his facts straight this time. Definately.


gvillain said...

Partial victory perhaps, but W definitely does not have a clear and succesful strategy yet nor does he have the I war under control.

The truth is, three years has past and there is not enough "I" trained to defend their country from AQ, outside terrorists and the sabatuers with in their ranks. What a waste of precious resources let alone the thousands of "A" who lost their lives.

All of us want to see W succeed to win this war and bring our troops home. It is time that our leaders quit their rhetorics and provide the American people the straight facts and work together to achieve our common goals.

Information sharing and straight facts are imperative in a heathy debate on how to defeat our enemies.

myrna said...

Definitely, my dear "W" (Watson). Definitely.