Friday, September 02, 2005

Worse and Worse

So the situation in New Orleans just gets worse and worse. The storm itself was catastrophic, but now the rule of law has broken down, and there is no food, water, electricity, or emergency medicine. Stories of anarchy include armed gangs, crocodiles, people stranded on roof tops, families getting separated in a crowd, oil slicks....

Reporters shout to women about food they've looted; the women shout back without even looking "WE ARE FEEDING THE CHILDREN!" with a tone of indignation that slaps that stupid reporter back a few steps.

The people in the hurricane zone are in general retreat. When people are dying of hunger and dehydration it is a crime NOT to loot.

We are the wealthiest nation the world has ever seen. But every part of this country is 24 hours away from becoming the Third World. What's the plan for when Seattle gets it's 9.0 earthquake? Will we sleep in the streets, or in collapsing houses? What will we do when the water stops running, the roads are all buckled, when families are separated and lost?

The store down the street better be insured against looting, because when the federal government fails to help us....

So finally aid is arriving to the hurrican zone, after some deadly days of waiting. Bush? Don't ask.

Here is the blog from downtown New Orleans.

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