Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Two things

Two things I forgot to blog about:

1) I am eating this cucumber kim chee like candy. It might be too fresh; the seasonings have not soaked in and pickled it too much. But by gosh, it is delicious.

2) I saw Mario Batali at Sur La Table in the market today. He and Alton Brown are the two Food Network chefs I really admire. Anyway, I walked in and said 'hey mama, there's Mario Batali.' And that was it. I considered walking up to him, asking to shake his hand, but I really don't care. I totally admire him, but I'm one of those Seattlites who refuses to be starstruck, under any circumstances.

I have a Dave Matthews story, if you're interested.


bitchphd said...

You know, you should have done it. I bet food network chefs don't often get admiring knowledgable attention from fans. It's not like he was Madonona or something.

Anonymous said...

I bet he does get approached a lot. I used to work for an obscure celebrity and I was astounded how many people would come up and gush.

I wanna hear the Dave Matthews story. Please.

ding said...

is it the story where his bus dumps liquid feces over a boatload of tourists? cuz that's my chicago dave matthews story...