Monday, August 08, 2005

shocker/boba fett/gay readership

One of my brilliant friends just posted something that's going to change the way I live my life.

So this morning I went with my parents to Pike Place Market. We first stopped at Lowell's; I had a cup of fruit. It was totally fresh, but I couldn't finish it. Bought some cashews, cheese, and tomatoes.

We drove north and stopped at Taqueria el rinconsito. (For all you readers who look out for my spanish, yes that is the correct spelling and capitalization of the restaurant... and just in case you are wondering, I don't capitalize languages or ethnicities, because to me they are adjectives.)

Mama and I split six tacos; three of adobada and three of carne asada. Dad ordered a fried mojarra with rice and beans and a big bowl of menudo. We all three drank aguita tamarindo.

Then we went to the outlet mall. H of H & A told me they were pregnant, due in February. I'm happy to give them some of the window treatments which I inherited from the previous owner. After much le creuset and shoe shopping, I got myself an ice cream bar, dipped in chocolate and covered with nuts. Upon seeing my ice cream bar, mama couldn't resist getting one of her own.

This lady was sitting next to us in the plaza. Her visor is designed to be worn that way. Mama first giggled and whispered to me about miss helmet face sitting next to us. She looks like she is going to weld something! She looks like Boba Fett (he is no good to me dead, Lord Vader)!

Then mama tapped her on the shoulder and asked the lady about the visor. Where did you get it? Hong Kong, she replied happily, explaining that it blocked out UV. Mama was totally enthralled. They should sell that in Las Vegas! says mama.

I don't think white people would buy them, mama; only asians. The lady grinned. Yah, only asians wear these. White people would rather have wrinkles, she whispered. Oh no! The brand is SUNNA, which she assumed was korean, but according to my un-fruitful googles of the brand, it might well be arabic or scandanavian.

In any case, the visor totally pivots side to side, it totally raises up to be a visor a la poker night with the guys, and finally it totally lowers across your entire face, like a blast shield. The lady was very proud of her visor; mama was enthralled. I asked if I could take a picture, and she obliged.

On the way home, we stopped at the korean market on 155th and Old Hwy 99. I found some frozen kalbi; I tried to verify the four-ingredient marinade from memory, taught to me a decade ago by the brilliant db, but he stopped me and said 'just buy a jar, son'. So I found a jar of kalbi marinade, picked up some fresh kimchee (one container of napa, another of cucumber) and we were on our way.

When I finally got home, I threw the kalbi and marinade into a tupperware and then I was off to the bbq at J's house. They turned out absolutely delicious, but I bet it would be better with a marinade made from scratch. I think the secret is pear juice.


In response to a comment: Welcome to Seattle, anonymous! I am absolutley thrilled to find out that I have anonymous gay readership. I feel so hip!

As far as alternative/gay hangouts, I am probably the wrong person to ask. I can only tell you what I've heard second-hand, which is probably stuff you already know.

Nevertheless, here's my desperate attempt at being a helpful metrosexual... let me know if my knowledge of gay seattle belongs in Modern Jackass Magazine.

If there's a place in Seattle that's homo-hostile, I'm not aware of it. So that's good news.

As far as alternative/gay hangouts.... um....

Neighbors, R Place, Galerias Mexican Restaurant, Wild Rose (although H hates it). Man Ray. Is that it? I know there's more to the rainbow than that, but maybe someone else can help us out. If I were you, I'd walk around the Pike/Pine blocks on Capitol Hill. I'm sure there's a lot going on in Belltown as well. Those are the 'gay scenes' thatI know about.

Ok, so I'm not up to speed on any nightlife in Seattle. I'll say this though:



db said...

I have no words for those visors. What the ...? It's part of Asian women's endless quest to block out sun and maintain a puky white face. It has very little to do with skin cancer. Yik.

Having said that though, I guess it might come in handy in places like Vegas. What happens in vegas, stays in vegas. And, if I were wearing a darth vader mask,I'd let you take a photo too. Why not? Nobody would know it's moi.

By the way, congratulations on your gay readership. I thought it was fantastic too.

bitchphd said...

My father's wife would wear that visor. But I think she's part white and part Mexican, so I don't know if it counts. I know I wouldn't wear the damn thing, that's for sure. Sunblock, people.

Gay hangouts in Seattle? The whole damn town is a gay hangout. Try the Broadway Grill. Or that horrible Julia's on Broadway (which sucks, but seems very popular anyway). Galerias is awesome, good food, and the owner always strokes my husband's shoulder when we go, which is amusing. Bailey/Coy is a good (not exclusively) gay book store.

john patrick said...

"The whole damn town is a gay hangout!" That's what I was thinking.

How could I forget about the Broadway Grill. That place is gay for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I was there once with my godmother for breakfast, and we were giggling at a dude who was dressed as if he was working with the construction in the street, with an orange danger vest and everything. But he wasn't working, he was just standing under the sidewalk speakers and enjoying the music and watching the construction. Upon closer inspection, his orange vest still had creases from being folded in the package.

So we laughed at him from our booth, and then the guys in the next booth started laughing at him, until one said, omg, no, omg, I think that's Carl. Is that Carl? Omg.

So then we laughed at him.

I concur that Julia's on Broadway is awful. It's nice to look at, and the people tend to be beautiful, but I'm all about food.