Sunday, August 07, 2005


My room is so clean, it's SICK. For the last two days, I've been doing laundry... folding it... and PUTTING IT AWAY. It's amazing.

I realize now that I have way too many clothes. I took two garbage bags full of clothes/linens to the Goodwill today. There's more where that came from.

H sewed some curtians for the bedrooms, they are WICKED.

Actually, the entire house is clean now, just in time for a parental visit.

Went to cowsin M's today; he invited a lot of co-workers to his place for a bbq. We brought over a watermelon and a half dozen mini baguettes from Tony's Deli.

For the watermelon, wrapped one of his baking pans and plastic and dropped a layer of ice onto it before crowding the watermelon wedges on top. I also sliced a lemon and tossed them in with the watermelon wedges. I love lemon and watermelon.

A few of the baguettes got sliced up for Costco artichoke dip, which is better than anyone wants to admit.

The co-workers brought food; the most out-standing was a pasta salad with blue cheese and feta. The key is that it was not over-dressed.

Cowsin M, for his part, grilled kalbi: korean-style short ribs. First, he lit the fire, because he is a pyro. It's so funny how many people think they're experts at lighting a grill, but nobody knows how to fan. Cowsin M fanned it a little, but then I offered to help.

I think I fan harder than other people.

Anyway, the kalbi was amazing. He has korean room mates, so when he set out the meat to thaw, he left the house. When he came back, it was thawed and marinated. I want food faries to prepare my food when I leave the house! I don't necessarily want them to be room mates, though.

So anyway, the parents are here; we cleaned up the house and then made up the guest bed and the couch so that they could rest when they showed up. I made a quick dinner of cous cous and shrimp salad with cocktail dressing.

I'll try to take more pictures while my parents are here. They said they're staying a week, max. I should take a look at my calendar.

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