Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Insane day (now with cops!)

Here are some things that have happened to me since I've last blogged.

  • angry cantonese shouting match
  • phone call to shellfish safety hotline
  • bought a new phone
  • made appt for new glasses
  • phone calls/emails to try to finance new floors
  • no practicing guitar
  • shower curtains=tension rods epiphany
  • food panic (blood sugar crash)
  • angry cantonese shouting match, part II
  • three cops, well groomed, show up within an hour of being called (only slightly condescending)
  • Changed lock for security
  • Realized new lock doesnt' work, replaced with old lock, whoops, upside down!
  • food panic, part II

I don't think I will elaborate on this. Tomorrow is a new day, and I need to eat something. It's two minutes past midnight, and I've eaten junk all day. Now my blood sugar is crashing again, but the thought of what I can eat at this time of night makes my stomach turn. It's bad when your blood sugar is crashing but the thought of food repulses you.

What do I do? Make a tuna salad? I can boil an egg...

By the way, parents are coming next week. Just found out now, through the grapevine. Stay tuned for horse's mouth confirmation.

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