Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Here's what I believe:

  • the beverage that goes with pasta the best is water
  • a grown man should be able to do his own laundry, touch type, and eat with chopsticks
  • neck ties be tucked in, chained, clipped, or pinned; they shouldn't fall when you bend over
  • shoes should not hurt. ever.
  • chinese and other family-style cuisines are best served by a food dictator.
  • musical instruments are precious than other objects.
  • the death penalty is only a punishment for who are people afraid of death; it doesn't bring "closure" to the victims' families; it is cruel to the prison guards.
  • no socks = stinky feet.
  • everyone can learn to speak a second language fluently; most fail because they're going about it wrong.
  • anyone can be taught to match pitch vocally (i.e., sing)
  • people who are hopelessly without a sense of rhythm are deficient in life.
  • spanish people are culturally more fun than other people.
  • homophobics should be ashamed of themselves.
  • there is no argument against gay marriage that doesn't blur church with state
  • it is no longer reasonable to have a busy signal.
  • mid calf capri pants are ugly on women. men should throw out their jean shorts.
  • there is no good reason in the universe to not sing at karaoke; the shy people make me want to puke.
  • people will say anything, and then pretend that they care about it.


bitchphd said...

I agree with you about the spanish, if by "spanish" you mean "spanish speakers."

But let's just never go do karoke together.

john patrick said...

Well, latinos and latin americans also score way high on the fun index, but I've known some pretty humorless mexicans and central americans. Still, when I said spanish above, I meant the europeans; I think 'advanced party theory' is part of their education. But I should be even more specific: castillians and andalucians, but not necessarily catalans.

In any case, hispanos throw better parties (culturally speaking) than gringos. White teenage boys tend to throw wretched parties.

Ah, broad cultural generalizations. Oh well, I am entitled.

Re: karaoke... If you don't want to sing at karaoke, just say "I don't want to sing." It's not a good reason, but it's respectable. But if people who pull the "oh no, I just couldn't, I'm no good..." that makes me want to wretch.

Kodijack said...

Spanish, or hispanic? Big difference.
I agree totally about gay marriage.
I totally disagree about pasta. For one thing it depends on the sauce, not on the pasta. Milk goes awesome with red sauces, but a sharp white wine is great with clam sauces.
I enjoyed your blog, especially the food items.


ding said...

when jp says spanish, he means spanish. none of this 'hispanic.'

karaoke would be funner if i could keep a list in my head of favorite songs. i just wish they'd have the mics on a stand. (ok, so clearly i do ghetto karaoke.)