Thursday, August 11, 2005

Crab Movie

This woman is in my kitchen, chopping a live crab to pieces and putting it into a pot.

My cowsin C brought it over for the big seafood boil; I opened the package and said, cowsin, this is already cooked, right?

No, she said, it's live.

And then I said, mama, will you chop the crab for me! She had been asked me earlier to not make her do anything, but I was 98% not sure how to chop it best and 2% afraid of this hissing, snapping beast thats getting madder by the minute.

The best part was when she made her first chop down the center of its belly, and it tried to grab the knife.

Let me tell you, it was absolutely delicious. Cowsin C picked well. But next time, we all understand that we can buy a crab that's already steamed. Just make sure they don't clean it.

The only thing you really shouldn't eat in the crab is the gills. The rest is all up for grabs.

1 comment:

ding said...

this is what i love about filipinas. we will smile while we kill something.

that was horrific. we always ran out the room when mom killed things.