Friday, July 15, 2005

Whaddai miss, whaddai miss?

What are they doing to my monorail!

Well, the final bid came in, and they decided that the funding plan isn't going to cut it. SPMA spun itself out of control; the usual haters showed up for their obligatory hysterics (they have no credibility with anybody, but the press still loves them). Ultimately the two head honchos at the SPMA resigned. So now we have until September maybe to either a) come up with the funding, b) start back at square one, c) scale back the plan, or d) kill the whole thing.

Just in case you don't know me, I'm pro monorail. I was pro light rail in the 90s when it was the only option, but if I had to choose between monorail and light rail, I'd pick monorail every time. I'd pick monorail over subway. Every time.

Faster, cheaper to build, safer, quieter, easier to install, more pleasant to ride. Imagine Chicago's "L", only quieter and sleek. How do I know? There's been a monorail running and making money in Seattle for the last 40 years, and it makes the noise of a strong wind as it's going by, and then it's gone.


bitchphd said...

Seattle politics are infuriating.

ding said...

chicago trains, as much as i love them, always feel like they're going to topple off the tracks at any moment.

yay mass transit!

db said...

LA mass transit, I love it but it goes nowhere I have to go. And it takes three hours to go 10 miles.

john patrick said...

The only way a monorail can derail is if the beam fails. The train itself cannot physically leave the beam.