Sunday, July 03, 2005

So Student A came to stay with us today and it V went straight into super host mom mode. V loves to mom. I was worried that she wasn't going to let me talk to her, and then I realized, French high school teachers probably don't council their students the way we have to. Anyway, we might not have started dinner until 9:45, and by that time, I was too hungry to eat fast. We had lamb brochettes, rattatouille, rice, pasta, melon.

I had taken Student A aside earlier to remind her that French families argue and insult each other in a way that might seem shocking and bratty to Americans but is normal for them. Tonight, it was hillarious. V spoke slowly and with gestures so that Student A would understand, M would make fun of her gesturing. The rest of us got in our pokes where we could. The best was when I translated "chiant" as "crappy," leading us to the verb "to crap." V asked us in english if we crapped in the toilet, but we were laughing too hard to answer.

There is a giant cricket in my room now as big as a human ear and it wants out and I have no intention of helping it.

Tomorrow: the rental car.

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