Sunday, July 31, 2005

Pound it out.

It's been too hot to cook. Not as hot as Manila, but when the temperature goes over 68 degrees, I become lazy. Juan tamad.

Today I had to use a couple of chicken breasts that were gettting old in my fridge. About a month ago, I was in a restaurant in Paris, and I ordered 'escalope de dinde,' not remembering what 'escalope' meant, just that it had something to do with turkey. Well, 'escalope' is french for what italians call 'scalopini'. Mexicans do it all the time with their carne asada. It's basically a word for a meat that's been pounded out.

So I pounded out those chicken breasts, and pounded in some black pepper, salt, and garlic. Fried it up slowly in a little olive oil. Served it with steamed rice and some cucumber kim chee.

For dessert, I found a melon flavored popsicle from the korean store. Mmmmm.


db said...

yum. I might pound some chicken myself tonight. And I like Melona, although the ones with red beans are my favorite.

Evil Jonny said...

Mm, never tried melona but it sure looks tasty.