Friday, July 08, 2005

I wonder if I'm starting to copy J's intonation when I speak French.

Breakfast was too-chocolaty cereal and a cup of tea: earl gray; hot. Did I have a yogurt? Then it was vite vite to meet a wating student at the Rotonde. I showed them the market, they saw all the skirts; I tried to explain to them about the tissue de provence and the savon de marseille. Bought myself some mouchoires. Had a quick chicken mayo sandwich at the place Rick Steves recommends. Went a little bit through the produce market and flea market. Ended up at Riederer, an MOF, and bought a raspberry dessert. It was visually perfect but tasted a little dull. Ran down to train station to meet J.

After a few wrong turns, we were finally on the road to Arles. I'd love to do the homestay there, maybe. Roman theater, Roman arena, Place de la Republique, the church in many styles, it was all very charming. Had to stop for a sandwich merguez frites due to food panic. Cafe owner was interesting but somber woman who had lived in the US and told us about her many lives. Bathroom was through the kitchen, past the storage. Saw four other merguez sitting in an oily pan, ready to reheat. Drowsy trip back to Aix. D gave me and students a ride into town so student could get a ride home. Walked to Casino, looked for ground pork (none) and my frozen lumpia wrappers (none). I'll try later to find ingredients.

Dinner was raclette; prolly spelt it wrong. Individual slices of cheese, melted under heating element, dumped over a peeled potato. Eaten with jambon blanc, little cornichons, amazing tomato wedges, green salad with a mustard vinagrette, thin slices of cured sausage. Delicious but very cheesy. I could not stop eating the watermelon, it was trop bon, and I left very little for the imposter C.

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