Tuesday, July 03, 2007

It's The Future

So I'm in my hotel room, repacking my bags and lazily adjusting to the time zone. 
My hotel key is a card.  I swipe it and walk into the room, and stick the card in a reader that's on the wall.  Once the card is inserted into the wall, all the lights come up, and my tv powers on.  Once inside, I control tv, lights, and air conditioning with the remote next to my bed.  It's the future, baby. 
It is amazing how many variety shoes that Koreans produce.  Yes, there's dramas and dubbed movies on tv too, as well as news and shopping network, but the real story are the variety shows, broadcast from huge, auditoriums.  If they're not singing, they're doing a skit.  Or a game show segment.  When is the last time I saw a variety show?  Carol Burnett?  Osmonds?  The Mandrells? 
There's also an infomercial of a mosquito tent, that folds into a 55 cm circle like those magic shades for your windshield.  I kind of want one.  Only 29,999 Korean Won! 
It's 7:20 am.  Time to get some Korean breakfast and take pictures of the neighborhood.  Shuttle to the airport in four hours. 

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