Sunday, June 03, 2007

Nothin' but blue skies

I turned in grades on Friday; Baccalaureate Mass was yesterday. Graduation is tomorrow, followed by the Ministry of Asian American Outreach, Department of Karaoke.

The rest of the week, I have meetings and cleaning the office. I'll proctor a final on Friday, then the Faculty Mass, end of the year banquet, and then a secret tradition to end the year.

I'll try to take the bus to work tomorrow.

That's it! Summer, baby! After that, it's just a matter of one scheduled training session, work on my plans for next year, clean the casita for my parents' visit. My sister and I will visit them in Vegas for a few days, and then they will come up here to hang out. After that, it's off to 杭州 for six weeks.

I hardly know what to do with myself.

Maybe I'll come up with band names.
  1. the Particles
  2. the Cheese Monkeys
  3. Squeal
  4. the Barnstormers
  5. Secret Hug of Frog
  6. Othehumanity
  7. Our New Alien Overlords
  8. the Frankly-My-Dears
  9. Bomba*Star
  10. Jenny and the Jeffs
  11. Jeff and the Jackets
  12. Trainwreck!
  13. Cheesefire
  14. the Big BLGs
  15. Tipper and the Champs
  16. the Red Cards
  17. the Wait, What?s
  18. the stR8-uPs.
  19. the Swas-tickles.
  20. the Incidents
  21. OceanTide
  22. Creamstick
  23. the Reverbs
  24. the Warmstrech
  25. the pUncH-pAcKErS

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