Saturday, June 30, 2007

Lazy European Vacation Day

I took the bus this morning and met Michaela at Rachel the Pig this morning. We went to Le Pichet and had des olives, deux chipolatas grillees avec des frites, assiette de fromages and a san pelligrino. They gave us a sliced ficelle with a little cup of butter, which would never happen in France, but the butter came in handy when we were eating the roquefort. Try it: butter your bread before spreading a good blue cheese on your bread. My French host mom taught me that trick.
We decided we would have a Lazy European Vacation Day, as if we were a couple of tourists in some European capital, with nothing to do but shop, walk, and eat. So we shopped for a roomate gift; didn't find anything; walked all the way up to the Ex Officio store on Vine, then back to Westlake Center for a free cup of water. We sat on the balcony and watched people give money to the kid who was trying to raise tuition money by standing in a kiddie pool with some swim gear, and occasionaly flex for the tourists.
We walked over to Pacific Place to buy tickets to Ratatouille, which is not playing there... Oh well, we saw a whole bunch of Pigs on Parade. We walked over to Meridian 16, bought our tickets, and then back to Westlake to check out Daiso. On the way, we saw that 7th Ave was filled with cops, who had parked their thirty-plus motorcyles parked all in rows on both sides of the road. They were the escort team for Roh Moo-hyun. By then, I was starting to lose steam, so we walked back to the Market and parked at Jack's Fish Spot for some shrimp cocktail, a bowl of mussles and clams, and a half dozen raw oysters. Some woman sitting at the counter was trying to take my oysters, when he called JP, she said they were hers. I reached right over her and said, "I'm JP." Do not stand between me and my oysters, woman.
Michaela bought a sandwich for 老虎, and I bought us a dozen cinnamon doughnuts, and we hopped into 老虎's waiting car and drove to my place. We sat around, I took a mini nap, those two went off to Costco. Now I'm going to go meet them to see the movie.
I love lazy European vacation day. We should do that more often.

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