Thursday, June 28, 2007

Grandkids, Then and Now

Michaela found this picture at our parents' house, and took a scan of it. That's our Grandma R. Judging from my glasses, I would say this is around 1984 or 1985. There is a hook-rug in the background of some geese flying low over a calm lake.

Here we all are in 2007. Grandma R is with the Lord now, so joining us for the photo are some significant others. I am back row, left.

Thanks, cowsins for taking me to dinner at Ipanema Grill, one of my favorite restaurants. Brazilians make the world a better place. I was a little embarassed that it was more expensive than I suspected, but then they insisted on treating me... that's ok, they're making the big bucks now!

I think I actually prefer lunch there to dinner. There is an eye-popping variety at dinner, moreso than at lunch, but for some reason everything at lunch time seemed fresher; the meat, the salads.... and much less expensive.

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Mikey said...

Dinner was B-O-M-B. I finally'ed your blog. I'll read it all the time now. runs my internets life. =0)