Sunday, May 13, 2007

"Sister insane as well." and "Diabetes vs. doughnuts."

So mama put the dog in the fridge and took a picture. I assume that's how it went.

Now my sister has made the dog a myspace page.

What's next, a dog blog? Damn you, google.

So today I went on a glucose assignment. This morning my blood sugar was 111 before breakfast; I wanted to see what blueberry pancakes with a little bit of syrup would do to it. 200.

Yikes. I walked it off (which helps) and took a nap (which does not help). I got hungry around 2 pm, and checked... 88.

Yikes. I mean, that's a good, but it means I crashed pretty hard. My insane sister flaked on our plans for tofu soup, so I decided to give myself an assignment: baked potato.

So I tried to think of some place where I could get a steak and a baked potato, without going to far out of town, or succumbing to the gross corporate diners. I decided on Pike Place Grill, where there were plenty of white tourists saying "Pike's Market" and tying their sweaters around their waists.

When I get there, the waiter says sorry, no baked potatoes until 5 pm, when dinner service starts. Hmph. So instead I got fries. Don't worry, I didn't eat them all.

What I did eat all of was my 1/2 dozen cinnamon doughnuts from Daily Dozen. That's right. I ate six doughnuts covered in sugar. For those of you pitiful souls who don't know the joy of Daily Dozen, they are freshly fried mini dougnuts. Since there are no churros in this town, the Daily Dozen cinnamon version is the closest thing. Cakier than beignets, softer than churros.... The line went into the next building, but the cashier is fast and puts on a good show. He snaps the bag open against his thigh, making the tourist kids all jump, because it sounds like a gunshot. A delicious gunshot. Then BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM he tongs five hot little doughnutcitos into your bag. The last one he flips up into the air above his head, and catches it in the bag. A torrent of cinnamon sugar goes into the bag, he gives it a shakey shakey, and two dollars later the first one is in your mouth. Warm, fresh, sugary, crispy on the outside, hot and cakey on the inside....

I ate them all. I ATE THEM ALL. And then came home immediately and got on the exercise machine. Blood sugar was 143: doughnuts must not have hit the system yet.

(thanks for the video, Kim and Jason).


Myrna said...

Do-not, that is why they're called that because you do not eat those!

:: jozjozjoz :: said...

Oh how I loved those donuts!