Thursday, May 17, 2007

Lame, Not Lame

  • I put my spare key in a lockbox on my door for the contractors; when I got home today, I found the code already dialed in, and the lockbox unlocked. Lame. Who knows how long it had been like that.
  • They replaced the gutter, but the new gutter blocks my steel security door from opening all the way (see picture above). I have just enough room to squeeze through. Lame. I'm hoping they'll come back and fix that.
  • The contractors planted new flowers and put down bark on some of the green spaces in our complex, as a gift for all the damage they did during the construction; not lame! But they didn't fix the three green spaces around my front door. Lame.

Not Lame:

  • I live blocks away from an awesome tacobus. I went there just now for a snacky snack; had two chicken tacos, a tamal, and a bottle of water.


Chadwick said...

The landscaping was part of the contract, I'm pretty sure. I think Wendy was joking.

Those construction guys don't do anything for free.

Myrna said...

Better reset your lock box with a new code. Have them fix the gutter. Tell them your elephant is coming to visit and if it can't get through the door it will be very angry. They will be sore-ry!