Sunday, May 06, 2007

How to make Tamago

It's nice to have a rectangular pan, but I did mine in a round pan, and it worked just fine. Yes, it looked fine. Just cram the folded part into the curve, and un-bend it when you roll it over. No big deal.

I didn't have any dashi so I used chicken stock and salt. It wasn't salty enough. Next time, I will use patis. Unless I find some dashi.

I must say, the my favorite tamago is eggy and salty and delicious, and it can only be found at Takohachi. I don't like the sweet, cold, flavorless cakey stuff that I get at most sushi places.

This to me is much more entertaining than thinking about what the banlieu are like now that Sarkozy has been elected. I have no doubt the business community is excited. How can the son of a Hungarian immigrant be so clueless about the plight of immigrants? Let's say it together: it's 'cause they're Muslim.

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